The Day Before The Day Before Christmas

This was beautifully written by my dearest friend. I could not have said it better! Merry Christmas!

Bright Tuesday

It’s almost here!

December has flown by — in a don’t blink or you’ll miss it sort of way.   It’s been twenty-three days of cocoa and peppermint sticks, of holiday shopping and fa-la-la-ing.   There have been Christmas craft shows, and church, and special evenings with friends.  Holiday concerts, advent candles, and school performances have pushed me ever closer to the grand excitement of Christmas Day.

The kids woke up early today, leaping from the shelter of their down comforters without any need of my customary cajoling.  Today is the last day of school before vacation begins, and they don’t want to miss it.

“It’s Christmas Eve-Eve!”

“School will be easy today – nothing but parties and our Secret Santa gift exchange!”

“This is the last day in 2014 that I’ll need to set my alarm.  I’m going to sleep in the entire holiday break!”

After the kids come home from…

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